1. Multimedia


Whether it’s a route or a playlist, navigate more intuitively.

Stay ahead of your journey

From Real-Time Navigation to Speed Camera Alert, enjoy an effortless and stress-free experience.

Take your world with you

Whether it’s a top tune or favorite podcast, connect to your smartphone and take what matters with you. You can even use your apps on the dashboard.

Apple & Android compatible

Our advanced multimedia system is designed to integrate effortlessly with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.



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Frequently asked questions

MyT Connected Services comprises the MyT App and MyT Multimedia. Each suite is host to its own set of features that make driving safer and more fun, in and out of your car.

The MyT App lets you communicate with your car, wherever you are. You can plan journeys, locate your parked car, and find information on when your car is due to receive maintenance. The Hybrid Coaching feature analyses your driving and tells you how you can improve fuel efficiency when driving your hybrid.

MyT Multimedia also gives you access to useful information like real-time traffic alerts and speed camera alerts and allows you to search for points of interest in the navigation. *for compatible models.

With a MyT account, you can manage your multimedia system, and receive useful insights on your car through the MyT App and the My Toyota Customer Portal.

You can use the same login details to access both the MyT App and the My Toyota Customer Portal. 

The MyT App allows you to use the following MyT Connected Services:  

• Find My Car

• Send-to-Car

• Last Mile Guidance

• Hybrid Coaching     

• Driving Analytics       

• Service Booking

• Service Reminders

• Service History

• Warning Light Indicator

The My Toyota Customer Portal gives you detailed information on your car and allows you to buy and manage services. The following services are available in the portal:

• Car purchase history, car ownership details, and order tracking

• Send-to-Car

• Service Booking

• Service Reminders

• Service History

• Vehicle Information

• Owner's Manual

• Map Updates 

• Manage profile settings

The MyT App is linked exclusively to the vehicle's identification number (VIN) and the owner of the car, so you will only be able to use connected services attached to that car.

You can use MyT Multimedia in another Toyota, if it has been activated and is still in the validity period.

The use of MyT App Connected Services is limited to the owner of a car, and the vehicle identification number (VIN) can be added to one account.

MyT Multimedia can be used by anyone driving that car.

Connected Services comprises both the MyT App and MyT Multimedia. Each has its own set of features and both need to be activated separately.

If you are unsure if your Connected Services are activated, follow these instructions.

Go the MyT App.

Click on the wheel icon found in the top right-hand corner of the home screen

Click on ‘Settings’

Choose the ‘Car’ tab. If you see ‘Activate connected services’, your car is not yet activated. Then click activate connected services.

A quick way to check if your Connected Services have been activated, check if your last trip details are displayed on the home screen of the App.

To activate Online Navigation Connected Services connect your smartphone with your car, using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi tethering.

Click on the ‘Setup’ tab.

Click on the ‘Online’ tab, then the ‘Toyota Online’ tab, and choose an existing account.

Enter your MyT credentials. Entering your details will start your 3 years of free service. You can check the expiration date of your MyT Multimedia subscription in the My Toyota Customer Portal.

If you do not have an existing account, you can directly create one in your car, by choosing the ‘New Account’ option.

Pairing your phone couldn’t be easier. Simply plug it in via a USB cable and accept any access permissions that appear.

Once your car detects a connection, the Android Auto icon appears on the screen and you can access phone, music, maps and messages, either hands free, or through the touch screen and control buttons on the steering wheel.

Don’t worry about getting lost. After tapping the maps icon, Google will find your location. Ask it to direct you to the address you want and Google will give you a choice of routes. Tap the one you want and you're good to go.

Google Maps also lists points of interest ranging from cafes to petrol stations and you can simply ask it for directions. At any time you can stop a route by hitting the X at the bottom of the screen.

Message on the move. Tell Google who you want to message, then dictate it and review before sending.

When you receive a message, the sender’s name appears on the touchscreen.

Once you tap, Google dictates the message and asks if you’d like to reply. If you do, once again dictate the message to Google and then review before sending.

Making calls in your car with Android Auto couldn’t be simpler. Tap on the phone icon on the screen and tell Google to call the person you want to talk to. When you finish your call, press ‘end’ on the touchscreen or the end call button on your steering wheel.

To receive a call, press the call button on your steering wheel or the answer button on the touchscreen.

You can also access your voice messages through the phone screen’s menu where you can see missed calls, check voicemail or check call history. If you want to return your last call, tell Google.

Tap the Apple Maps icon to activate it and it will find your location. Finding a route is simple too. Press the voice command button on your steering wheel, or tap the microphone icon in the upper right corner of the screen to activate Siri. You can then ask it to find your destination or direct you to places of interest such as a café. Siri then plots you a route - just tap and off you go.

CarPlay also has many points of interest ranging from restaurants to petrol stations. You can access these by tapping the appropriate button such as Food and Drink which will then give you popular destinations nearby, which can be further narrowed down to the type of venue. Tap on the Desired Location, tap Directions then Go.

If you want to hear a message that is sent to you, Siri will dictate the content of the message. You can repeat the message, send a reply or even call the sender, just ask Siri.

When replying to a message, Siri will ask you to dictate your message. Siri will check the message with you and you can change it, listen again, or ask Siri to send it.

If you want to write a message, tell Siri what you want to do. For example: ‘Send a message to my wife’. Then tell Siri the message which it will then repeat back and send it if you want to proceed.