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Our European activities extend to every corner of the continent. They include manufacturing plants, logistics hubs, sales and marketing businesses, R&D facility, training and design centres, a world-class motorsports operation and thousands of local retailers. 

  • Our European story may have started in a very modest way, with small numbers of imported vehicles brought here in the early 1960s, but since those days we have invested in making Europe one of our most important and vibrant global markets - not just for selling cars, but a place for designing, engineering and building them, too. 

    The very first Toyota – Toyopet Crown – arrived to Malta in the summer of 1960. 

  • We recognise that European customers are among the most discerning and demanding when it comes to quality and performance, so the things we can learn and achieve here can give us a real advantage when developing vehicles for other parts of the world. 

    Fast forward to 2016 Geneva Motor Show where the Toyota C-HR made a world premiere, it was designed in Europe and is built here - too. 

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